March 2017:
 executive speaker on the topic of critical infrastructure resilience at ASIS Europe 2017 conference in Milan, Italy

November 2016: presentation on the concept and practice of critical infrastructure resilience at the Arctic University of Tromsø, Norway

September 2016: presentation for the European Commission Thematic Network on Critical Energy on the efforts to measure critical infrastructure resilience (Ispra, Italy)

September 2016: presentation at the 6th International Conference on Building Resilience on the concept of critical infrastructure resilience and the ways for its measurement (Auckland, New Zealand)

July 2016: presentation at the Sustainable City 2016 conference on the concept of urban resilience (Alicante, Spain)

June 2016: presentation at Nordic Fire & Safety Days Conference on the role of next generation forms of technology in increasing community resilience (Copenhagen, Denmark)

May 2016: presentation at IAIA16: Resilience and Sustainability Conference on the cooperation between urban planners and civil protection protectionists in building resilient cities (Nagoya, Japan)


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