Excited to be a speaker at ASIS Europe 2018 conference for the second year in a row, where I will share my knowledge and experience in measuring business resilience. See you all in Hague!

An interesting read in New York Times about building ecological and social resilience towards rising sea levels in Netherlands. “It is, in essence, to let water in, where possible, not hope to subdue Mother Nature: to live with the water, rather than struggle to defeat it. The Dutch devise lakes, garages, parks and plazas that […]

Begrebet resiliens er forholdsvis nyt i Danmark, men der er god grund til at tage det til sig. Det kombinerer områder som beredskabsplaner, business continuity og medarbejderkompetencer og skal sikre, at virksomheder er optimalt forberedte ved uforudsete forstyrrelser af forretningen. Du kan læse mit interview om resiliens i Brand & Sikring. Full interview in Danish.

A small piece of my work goes online! Assess your business resilience, contact me and let’s talk how to improve it. Follow the link: http://www.business-resilience.nu

Last week DBI – Dansk Brand- og sikringsteknisk Institut hosted a meeting with the representatives from more than 30 different organisations to discuss the importance and benefits of implementing different security measures and resilience in modern businesses. Want to know more and go a step further? Join our 3-hour Business Resilience 1-2-3 course that takes […]

On the 9th of March DBI organizes a course to discuss the concept and practice of business resilience. The 3 hour course “Think and implement resilience in your organization” will discuss how companies can build their business resilience. Business resilience is a set of critical competences of an organization that helps it to reduce risks […]

Inspiring article by Maria Konnikova about psychological resilience of human beings: How people learn to be resilient? One of the central elements of resilience is perception: Do you conceptualize an event as traumatic, or as an opportunity to learn and grow? Every traumatic event, no matter how negative it might seem from the sidelines, has […]